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Why morality stems from law, not the opposite; why the moral of different cultures are very similar and why there is not an “absolute” moral

Sat 19, May 2012

(This post is a reply to a comment of the user “Trizo”)


The morality started because the society needed a common law, and the ones who complied with the law had less problems with society; what means less punishments; what means a better social position; what means more women (or only one but guaranteed) or a better man; what means more offspring (in the first case) or better offspring (in the second case).

And so, the people who had an inner “morality” based on the common law or a religion (also based on the common law), complied better with that law and left more offspring.


And so:

All people have an inner morality (psychopaths apart)–>All inner morality comes from a common law–>All common laws come from social groups (a.k.a tribes)–>All people are organized in social groups because of social.

That is, there’s nothing in evolution (Lynn Margulis apart) that doesn’t come from an adaptation from the environment. So, the inner morality is an evolutionary adaptation that stems from law.

If the morality of different cultures is nearly the same; that is because the requirements of a stable society are the same. Don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t be unfaithful (that only creates problems) and help others (because the others will help you a.k.a mutualism) etc etc


Also, there is not an “absolute” moral; the “absolute” moral is like the “perfect” living being, there isn’t.

The society and the individuals evolve the same way and with the natural selection; if an individual has a very bad gen, that individual won’t have many (or any) offspring; if a society (or a moral) has a very bad law (or principle), that society will soon collapse.

So, a “perfect” living being is which is able to have more offspring, and the “absolute” moral is which is able to sustain the most stable society; is meaningless to look for the “perfect” living being nor the “absolute” moral.


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