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How to have a hierarchical moral

Tue 15, May 2012

Being completely relativistic means give up all your moral, in other words, it means to be a MORALESS MONSTER.

There is no problem with that of course; except that all the moral you got inside your brain because of your education is not gone, it stays giving you endorphins (good and bad) without your rational consent.
Also, there’s the added problem that the society requires that you act morally; nobody likes a moraless friend in whom you can’t confide a pencil.


Solution? There are two possibilities:

-You try to bow down all your irrational moral and you pretend to act like a moral person although you will be a MORALESS MONSTER and although you will also give up one of the joys of life, morality.

-You hierarchize your moral.


I can’t recommend the first option half because is a bad choice and half because I don’t want to contribute to the collapse of the modern civilization.

The second option is much better, here’s an example; first I see a seriously wounded cat, second:

-My third grade moral a.k.a “heart” says to me: “poor cat, help him”.

-My second grade anthropocentric* moral says to me: “ignore the cat sentimentalist hypocrite!”.

-My first grade relativist moral says to me: “you will be happier helping the cat? In this case not so ignore it”


That’s how this work:

-The third grade moral is my “heart” or how I accustomed to say, my moral premises.

-The second grade moral is my reasoned moral, a moral that I use with most not-too-philosophical discussions and for rationalise (and control) the third grade moral.

-The first grade moral is my “happicist” moral, a completely relativist moral that only cares for my own happiness (in my case, in your case your moral will care only for your own happiness) and that I use for philosophical reasoning and take moral decisions.

The first grade moral is the official moral, the third grade moral is the irrational-I-have-to-live-with-it moral and the second grade moral is a tool that the first grade moral uses for deceive the third grade moral for give me (in my case) all the happiness that implies the moral with none of the unhappiness that implies not-obeying that moral (this never works perfect, but you won’t have as much regrets thanks to this trick).


Get a hierarchical moral it’s not like get a superuser, it’s easier; only divide your moral in three as I did and it’s all done (eventually, just live with that moral for some time). However, you can always shape the second grade moral to fit your third grade moral; also remember that eventually your third grade moral will also fit your second grade moral.


*I think it’s better to be anthropocentric than animalistic, the animalism is inconsistent.


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  1. Utility of innate skill and experience answers most decision making. However In complex decision making, rite and wrong are replaced by objective processes, like Bayesian inference.

    I believe freewill allows you to choose to or be Moral or Immoral, but strongly disagree that there is no free will!

  2. Utility of innate skill and experience answers most decision making. In complex decision making, rite and wrong are replaced by objective principles, like Beynsian Inference.

  3. Better to have one principle than many morals.

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