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How to make a superuser, for your mind

Mon 16, April 2012

For understand your mind, there is nothing as good as compare it with a computer.
In computer science a superuser is an above-users admin that can do things that users usually can’t do, for example, if you want to delete some system32 file, the superuser has to give you rights to do so.

In the brain, a superuser is the part of your consciousness that is above all sentiments (although sustained by them) and that has veto power which is used whenever you want to make a decision.

But in computers the superuser is dispensable, indeed, when you install windows it doesn’t come with a superuser, so you have to add one.

And also, in the mind, the superuser is also dispensable, if you think “with the heart”, you don’t have a superuser, but if you think “with the mind”, you have one.


A person with a superuser has a much better knowledge of his inner self, when he feels sad, he can ask himself “why I am sad?”. Also, pondering a little, he can see that he will be happier if he is not sad. So, he says to himself “stop being sad, there’s no reason to be sad”; although this will never work perfectly, it helps.

Also, when that person has to act rationally, when has a superuser, that person can think objectively and don’t make bad decisions, like don’t give to anyone the cure.


Get a superuser is not like click-click-next-install-finish, is something that you have to improve every day, simply ask to yourself “I’m acting logically and objectively?” and try to understand why you do many things and in what is based your moral (this last can be done easily by discussing with relativist persons and/or solving moral dilemmas).
With the time this will be an automatic reaction when you think about something or when you make a choice.


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