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What does this blog name mean?

Tue 10, April 2012

The name of the blog is a short* description of a metaphor that I imagined for the moral absolutism.

I was thinking in the relativism like a void and absolutism like a void with more or less white pillars, solid white pillars which you can grab or sit on them when you debate with other people about philosophy/morality.


When two absolutist persons discuss, their white pillars confront each other and every one of them tries to change the disposition of the pillars of the other or, if the second person has a pillar type that the first person hasn’t got, this first person can try to destroy it (for sample, if the second person believes that the Earth is flat, but the first person doesn’t, the first person can try to convince the other with these sort of arguments).

The first type of argument is simply “discuss”, but the second type is like “myth-busting“.


When one absolutistic and one relativistic person discuss, the absolutistic person doesn’t see any pillars on the enemy side and so, none of his pillar-disposition-change nor “myth-busting” arguments can do nothing against his relativistic enemy.

But this enemy, although he hasn’t got any pillars, can, in fact, erode the enemy pillars, destroying them until the other person is relativistic or he structures all his morality in pure, logical-less, dogmas.


But the worst is when two relativist persons discuss, they try to search not for white pillars, but for the smaller white marble particles that they can found on the contrary, attacking them until none of the debaters can find any absolutist particle in the opposite side.


I had these three types of conversations about philosophy/morality; the first with almost anyone when I was absolutistic, the second with my I.T (catholic) teacher, and the third only with my father from time to time and my english teacher once**.


Ah, and the white pillars mental image was from the film “The neverending history”, when the world was basically void and there were only dispersed pieces of matter. I saw the film many years ago (I was very young, for me it was an horror movie) and I relationed the metaphor with that image, is surprising how the human brain works, right?


*The full name would be “White greek pillars inside of the black void in random positions representing the absolutistic moral views in a visual manner”

**That conversation didn’t end well, I messed up my arguments and now she believes that I’m absolutist and egocentrical instead of relativistic


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